Extermination of insect and rats and disinfection

Integral urban pest control

APINSA is a company specialising in the urban pest control sector, capable of carrying out treatments made to measure for your needs.  One of the reasons for the decent health of the population, and therefore the high degree of social wellbeing, is comprehensive pest control.

In the field of rodent control, we act mainly against rats and mice, in the field of extermination of insect pests we carry out treatments for cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, mites, etc.

APINSA carries out this kind of generic service of pest control, consisting of the extermination of insect pests and rats and disinfection of the spaces  affected by the different rodent and insect pests, such as houses and apartments, industrial buildings, offices, town halls, means of transport such as boats and planes, and the like.

APINSA makes available to you the best technical and professional resources to provide a rapid solution with lasting results to every problem and with individual attention in less than twenty-four hours.

APINSA is the only company in the sector in Spain which has its own laboratory, where it conducts research into, develops and manufactures most of the products it uses in its pest control solutions, studies the improvement of the control systems used and where new techniques are generated adapted to the new technologies and respecting the demands of the authorities by applying R&D.

En APINSA garantizamos un servicio efectivo y
personalizado en un plazo de 24 horas