Bird capture and deterrence systems

Healthier spaces without birds

Pigeons, as well as other birds such as starlings, seagulls, etc., have been able to adapt well to a man-made environment and are often invasive species which turn into highly-damaging pests with a negative effect on the maintenance of the ecosystem and endangering public health since they are often bearers of diseases, creating colonies in city centres, on roofs, schools and other buildings and can even cause buildings to crumble in the case of starlings which appear in flocks of several thousand members.

At  APINSA, we have a professional team which specialises in fighting this pest and who are specially trained in the different control techniques so as to be able to apply individual solutions according to the specific conditions and circumstances.

The following are among the different technologies that we have available for this kind of services:

  • Exclusion systems using the installation of physical barriers impeding access, nesting and/or landing of birds in the areas to be protected.
  • Passive capture systems by means of the installation of autonomous systems for capture which are ideal for long-term reduction of the population.
  • Active capture systems, by means of interventions in which it is necessary to capture large numbers of individuals in a short space of time.

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