Plant Health Treatments

Your crops and gardens are safe

At APINSA, we have the material and technical resources to offer a satisfactory service with the purpose of facilitating the work of the primary sector making a clear commitment to the agricultural sector and everything involved in it not only applied to the country but also to food safety understood in all its aspects as well as the landscape and the conservation of soil and water.

For this purpose, we have qualified staff with all the material and technical resources as well as ongoing training programmes, which enable us to be constantly up to date with new developments in the sector, which is progressing daily and is undergoing constant change.

APINSA in line with its objective of using the resources necessary to favour sustainability permanently takes into account the current legislation as well as the mode of control by means of the use of plant health products, in Appendix I of Royal Decree 1311/2012, the "National Action Plan for the sustainable use of plant health products". It is important to give evidence of the responsible use of plant health products by updating the field notebook as a basis for the traceability of the products obtained.


It should be emphasised that  APINSA offers this treatment service for plant health products aimed at two clearly differentiated audiences, who have definite plant health needs:

  • Crops grown in agricultural areas. It is necessary to study the treatment in each case to adapt it to the type of crop, phenological development, the growing area, the climate, and so on. bearing in mind the best practices for the application of plant health products and by conducting proper planning which is socially responsible, environmentally safe and economically viable.
  • Park and garden areas. The proper treatment will be made clear by an exhaustive survey carried out by a qualified professional, which will determine the best treatment for the problem detected, which will be applied taking careful account of the instructions of the manufacturers of the products to be used, acting in a responsible manner throughout the process and subsequent handling of the wastes with authorised organisations.

En APINSA garantizamos un servicio efectivo y
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