• Legionelosis

    Consultancy for prevention of legionnaire's disease

    APINSA , in its Department for the Control and Prevention of Legionellosis, made up of professionals with great experience in different branches of health care, makes available all the technical resources so as to enable the achievement of the best possible results in the Prevention and Control of Legionellosis.


    Treatment against wood-boring insects

    APINSA  is a part of what is known as the Curative Sector and its work is aimed at providing protection from wood-destroying organisms of a biotic origin in wood which is in use (structural elements, furniture and decorative)…

  • fitosanitarios

    Plant Health Treatments

    At APINSA, we have the material and technical resources to offer a satisfactory service with the purpose of facilitating the work of the primary sector making a clear commitment to the agricultural sector...

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