APINSA has always distinguished itself by having within its philosophy, the values ​​of responsibility and commitment to its customers, its suppliers and the community in general. This commitment is based on adherence to initiatives that promote the values ​​that define it.



One of the fundamental values ​​of APINSA is our commitment to Social Responsibility. We are aware that our activity generates an environmental impact in the environment in which we integrate. That is why part of our efforts are focused on working to protect and respect the environment, carrying out actions that compensate our footprint on the planet.

In our interest to advance in this endeavor, we have decided to compensate our ecological footprint by buying and protecting a surface natural area equivalent to the surface of our facilities.

The collaboration has been carried out with ACCIONATURA, whose mission is the conservation of the natural heritage and biodiversity through the protection and improvement of natural ecosystems.

We are aware that we still have a long way to go, so we will continue to promote sustainable and effective management policies in this regard.


The modern society in which we live, immersed in a constant technological development, leads to an increase in the generation of waste, some dangerous and others not dangerous.

It is necessary an adequate management of said residues of industrial origin, thus preserving the health human and the environment.

The current legislation is very strict, requiring operations that minimize the generation of waste, reuse of the materials contained in them and the application of recycling techniques.

The waste coming from APINSA's activity is managed, moved to places adequate, treated and recycled by companies that maintain the highest level of quality, respect for the environment and commitment to health and safety at work.

APINSA works with three companies that manage waste, one in the Canary Islands, another in Mallorca and the last in Barcelona. These companies manage hazardous waste from insecticides, herbicides, solid fungicides, contaminated paper and absorbent, contaminated plastic packaging and phytosanitary

APINSA also generates other waste not assimilable to urban waste, such as batteries, fluorescent and ink and printer toner, which is delivered to authorized managers.


Sustainable companies create economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term.

Within the new green economy, a new management culture is born in which companies assume values ​​that are not exclusively marked by short-term profitability. They are companies that consume less resources, also less polluting and offer products or services of higher quality.

Empresas Sostenibles is a program to support these innovative companies, willing to commit to social and environmental purposes, which is the fruit of the collaboration of the Cabildo de Tenerife and the Chamber of Commerce of Tenerife.

For this, its managers will receive specialized training and support to innovate, so that Allow them to differentiate themselves in the market.

A more sustainable company is more profitable economically, but also socially and environmentally.


The National Association of Wood Protection Companies (ANEPROMA) is an Association of national, non-profit, whose purpose is to unite the professionals involved in the protection of wood and its derivatives, to defend the interests of the use of wood in all industrial sectors of the national territory.

It emerges as an interprofessional link that brings together the different producing, transforming or involved companies in the conservation and protection of wood and its derivatives, in order to establish a quality control among the products destined for the market.

We are aware that we still have a long way to go, so we will continue to promote sustainable and effective management policies in this regard.


APINSA is committed to quality as a means to satisfy the customer, improving quality and productivity, limiting risks, verifying compliance and accelerating market access.

Tenerife Quality Observatory

The Tenerife Quality Observatory is an initiative of the Cabildo Insular, oriented to the study, analysis and evolution of the new tendencies and models of quality of management in the national and international scope, directed especially to monitor and promote the implantation of the quality in Tenerife

The Observatory is the ideal platform for the Cabildo de Tenerife to promote the Quality Plan of the Innovation and Project Development Directorate, through the Insular Center for Quality and Responsible Consumption, whose purpose is improvement and business competitiveness.

National Association of Pest Control Companies (ANECPLA)

The National Association of Pest Control Companies (ANECPLA) is a statewide organization that represents the Spanish pest control services sector. Altogether, the associated companies surpass, approximately, the 80% of the turnover of the sector.

Since its foundation at 1992, ANECPLA has fought for the consolidation of a professionalized activity that is aware of the need to ensure, through its actions, public health and the preservation of the environment.

"APINSA maintains its commitment to the environment and is certified because it complies nationally with current regulations"

Social action

En ApinsaWhen we talk about Social Action, we refer to putting actions in place to help the most disadvantaged groups. This way of acting stems from the awareness of our company in participating and contributing to the development of society.
En ApinsaWe design with the utmost rigor this type of activities verifying that they respond to the vision and values ​​of our company, selecting those projects that comply with the principles of transparency and fairness.


Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras (BUSF) forms a Non-Governmental Organization formed by Firemen, professionals from the different Fire and Rescue Services, as well as collaborators and professionals from other sectors.

They are specialized in Emergency Projects in the face of Natural Phenomena impacts with catastrophic effects and Cooperation for Development Projects, which benefit the most disadvantaged populations.

His work is many, among which we highlight the field of Emergency, with a Catastrophe Intervention Group, formed by rescue workers, a Canine Rescue Unit and experts in Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis.

They have Advanced Medical Posts, in which doctors and nurses assist thousands of affected people. As well as a team of engineers in water facilities and infrastructures, who are in charge of installing emergency water treatment plants and distributing the water among the people affected by the disaster.


The Altoanna Project, integrated within the Altoanna Equestrian Club (, aims to offer therapeutic treatments to children with disability problems through Equine Therapy. These children suffer brain damage and physical injuries that impede the normal development of their faculties.

Every year, the Club organizes a Charity Tournament at the Costa Adeje Golf Center with the aim of raising funds and continue this great work.

APINSA, as it has been doing for a few years now, has collaborated sponsoring a hole, continuing in the line of participating in actions of social interest within the community in which it carries out its activity.


APINSA, in the line of participating in actions of social and general interest within the communities in which it carries out its activity, which are promoted through the different non-profit organizations and / or institutions, has decided to collaborate with the initiative promoted. by the CRAI of the University of Barcelona, ​​for the recovery of the fund of old documents through the initiative: "Sponsor a document"

The University of Barcelona has an extensive cultural heritage and is currently working on a project to restore a collection of old documents, with the aim of later digitization and exposure to the public. APINSA has collaborated as a patron, making a donation to sponsor a Hebrew Bible, S. XIV.

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