Bird capture and repellent systems in Tenerife

Especially the Doves, but also other birds such as Seagulls and Starlings, They have been able to adapt perfectly to the urban environment created by Man. They become very harmful invasive species; real plagues with potential risk for Human Health, being carriers of many diseases, and with enormous capacity for deterioration of buildings, vehicles and street furniture.

APINSA has a professional team, specifically trained in the fight against this pest and specialized in the different control techniques in order to be able to provide a solution adapted to the conditions and circumstances of each case.

More hygienic spaces without birds

We have the latest technology AVES Control:

  • Systems Antiposado that by means of the installation of physical barriers like spikes and lines prevents the support of the birds in cornices and salients of facades.
  • Exclusion systems that prevent access to large spaces such as roofs and patios, which is where they usually feed and nest. The meshes are the most used.
  • Capture. The most widely used system is based on the use of cages with autonomous food and water supply devices, which manage to reduce populations in the long term. We also have means to capture large numbers of individuals quickly.
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