Prevention of legionellosis consultancy

We fight legionella

Legionellosis is a dangerous disease for humans, which is transmitted by air by inhaling respirable aerosols or droplets (less than 5 μm) containing Legionella and also by micro-aspiration of contaminated water. Legionellosis is usually associated with community outbreaks, often related to cooling towers, hot water, jacuzzis, ornamental fountains, nebulizations, etc., which has generated a high media impact to this disease.

APINSA, from its Legionellosis Control and Prevention Area, formed by highly experienced professionals in different sanitary branches, puts at your disposal all the technical means, which in each moment, allow to obtain the best results in the Prevention and Control of Legionellosis.

Where can we act

All the technicians of the Control and Legionella Prevention Area have attended the mandatory approved courses (according to Order SCO / 317 / 2003), and are highly qualified to carry out all the treatments and controls necessary for any type of installation:

  • Cold Water Systems for Human Consumption.
  • Sanitary Hot Water Systems.
  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers.
  • Evaporative coolers and humidifiers.
  • Industrial humidifiers
  • Swimming pools and whirlpool baths.
  • Fire Water Systems.
  • Ornamental Fountains
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Systems in Urban Environment.
  • Tunnels and Vehicle Washing Trains.
  • All kinds of systems that use water and generate aerosols in their process.
Prevention of Legionellosis Consulting

APINSA, develops its work fulfilling all the requirements established in the Royal Decree 865 / 2003, offering solutions for any incident, and mediating before inspections of the competent sanitary authority.

Being a client of APINSA, ensures proper treatment and technical support, both in very specific and complex facilities, as in those simpler and more generic.

Lines of action

The lines of action of APINSA are the following:

  • Visit of the installation and data collection.
  • Preparation of specific maintenance or self-control programs for each type of detected risk installation, and design and preparation of the Register Books.
  • Advice, support and mediation in front of administrative procedures before the Health Authority.
  • Carrying out Cleaning and Disinfection operations for maintenance and / or shock, and subsequent issuance of the corresponding Cleaning and Disinfection Certificates.
  • Management of the collection of samples and their analysis in accredited laboratories. Delivery and interpretation of analysis reports.
  • Verification of operation of biocide dosing equipment and other maintenance products, automatic purge equipment, chlorine and pH regulators, etc ...
  • Continuous training of maintenance personnel of the facilities, in order to carry out maintenance operations correctly and register them in the corresponding sections of the Registry Book.

Sectors that we are heading

APINSA can evaluate your risk facilities, potential aerosol emitters, and design the appropriate maintenance programs to prevent the possible development of Legionella, whatever the activity of your company:

  • Health centers (hospitals, clinics, health centers ...).
  • Residential socio-health centers.
  • Hotels and hotel establishments in general.
  • Sports and educational centers.
  • Industries.
  • Public Buildings.
  • Neighbor communities…
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