Comprehensive control of urban pests

APINSA is the company specialized in the urban pest control sector, with treatments tailored to your needs. A determinant factor in the good state of health of the population and in the conservation and maintenance of the infrastructure is the Integrated Pest Control.

Disinsection, Deratization and Disinfection

Disinsection, Deratization and Disinfection

In the DDD field we cover all the conflicting species in the environmental field and in the food industry:

  • All kinds of crawling insects; cockroaches, ants, chinches, fleas, ...
  • Flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes.
  • Mites and ticks.
  • Commensal rodents; rats and mice.
  • Pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.

APINSA applies the latest generation products and techniques for the control of pests and vectors in any space at risk of being affected, such as housing, commercial premises, industry, buildings, public spaces or means of transport.

APINSA puts at your service the best technical and professional means

Easy Solution

Give you an agile and fast solution with effective results.

Personalized service

We adapt to each problem and with personalized attention in less than 24 hours.

Research and Development

APINSA collaborates closely with national and international laboratories and distributors in the research and development of new products.

Technological advance

Continuously improving the control systems used and the application techniques by means of R & D & I, and making technological advances in communication available to our clients. All to comply with the current regulations and the strictest quality standards.

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