Food under control

Every issue related to food is particularly important, as consumers demand nutritious, appetizing, quality and healthy products. Precisely of this, it is what food security is concerned with, and for that reason it has gained great prominence in society.

The first ones interested in satisfying this demand are the food companies, because they are legally responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the food products they handle. Being for them so important, have a hand in hand service in Food Safety Consulting, to help you manage the entire process.

Food establishments must create, apply and maintain effective control procedures to ensure the production of safe food, in accordance with the principles on which the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System is based, known by its acronym HACCP System , to comply with current regulations and mainly to give its customers and consumers the guarantees and confidence necessary for consumption.

APINSA provides the maximum guarantees throughout the process and all services will be carried out entirely by qualified personnel. For this, the Food Safety Technical Service, has professional experience in implementation, advice and maintenance of Self-Control Systems, conducting audits, training of food handlers in hygiene, food safety and HACCP, and sampling and analysis physicochemical and microbiological water (consumption, bath and waste), oils, surfaces, handlers, food and air.

Implementation of the self-control system

Benefits derived from the implementation of a self-control system based on the HACCP System:

  • It ensures the production and marketing of safe foods.
  • Test and verify that there is a management of the health of the food.
  • It shows that the company self-controls its food activity.
  • It generates confidence and security in consumers.
  • It focuses control activities on the critical phases of the production process.
  • It is a flexible and dynamic process.
  • It is easily integrated with other quality management systems.

In addition to the self-control system, establishments must launch a series of activities, programs or action plans:

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