APINSA pest control

Our beginnings

55 years fighting pests

APINSA is one of the oldest pest control companies in Spain with more than 50 years of history. Since its inception has been applied to the development of its service to families, businesses and companies giving advice on the control and eradication of pests, as well as improving public and environmental health, which makes it a reference company within the pest control sector at the national level.

As a company we have taken as an objective to offer a quality and safety service with all the technical and human guarantees that are required, continuously seeking the highest levels of excellence. For this reason, it has always aimed at expanding to reach even further in its vocation of service, and for more than 30 years it has been fully established, not only in the Canary Islands, but also in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

APINSA has become a benchmark in the pest control sector because it is an expert in the protection of public health and heritage, which allows us to maintain the quality of life by protecting all of us from the action of these harmful pests, which transmit diseases, pollute our environment and cause significant economic damage to both infrastructure and historical heritage.

Juan L. Bolaños Suárez,

CEO & Founder


Personalized and adapted attention

APINSA is a company specialized in environmental health and hygiene, providing services to families as well as to companies and institutions, through pest control. Its mission is to provide a customized response tailored to each need, both in prevention and in eradication.


Obsession for excellence

APINSA is a company that pursues excellence in each of its actions and therefore works every day to exceed its limits, in order to achieve the satisfaction of its customers and suppliers, respecting our environment and assuming its social and environmental responsibility.



At APINSA we work every day to respond in a coherent and professional manner to the expectations of our clients and return the trust they have placed in us.


In APINSA we work with our clients to build long-term relationships, providing them with value and striving every day to provide the best service, with efficiency, confidence and professionalism.


In APINSA cWe assume that the sum of the parts is greater and better than the individual contributions; of This way we share challenges and objectives, to walk together in the same direction.


We see ourselves as leaders in our sector and in our market, for this we invest all our effort in generating trusting relationships with our customers and invest in the professionalism of our employees, in order to provide the best service.


We strive to achieve new goals, to offer better services for our customers and to respond to the market within our sector, implementing new communication channels and incorporating more advanced techniques that meet the detected needs.


We contemplate the responsibility that our company has in its impact on society, working on processes that allow the protection of the environment, the ethical principles of human rights and consumers and working towards the creation of a sense of community.

Offices and Delegations

Main office

902 250 000

Email: apinsa@apinsa.com



Camino Las Mantecas, 11. 38320, San Cristobal de la Laguna - S / C Tenerife.
Tfn: 922 645 555
Fax: 922 652 501
Email: tenerife@apinsa.com



C / Naples, 31 Bajos. 08018, Barcelona
Tfn: 933 098 892
Fax: 934 853 986
Email: apinsa@apinsa.com



Carrer Licorers, nº6, Nave E, Pº Ind. De Marratxi. 07141, Marratxi - Palma de Mallorca
Tfn: 971 605 460
Fax: 971 605 368
Email: apinsa@apinsa.com

Other delegations

La Palma


C / Juanita Méndez, nº 3 Local Bajo Dcha. 38712, San José de Breña Baja - S / C Tenerife

Tfn: 922 414 151

Fax: 922 420 714

Email: lapalma@apinsa.com

La Gomera


C / Cañadas del Teide, 33. 38800, San Sebastian de la Gomera - S / C Tenerife

Tfn: 922 655 587

Fax: 922 652 501

Email: gomera@apinsa.com

El Hierro


San Pedro Street, 13. 38916, El Mocanal, Valverde - Tenerife S / C

Tfn: 922 642 109

Fax: 922 652 501

Email: hierro@apinsa.com

Gran Canaria


C / León y Castillo, 389 - 3º Office 309. 35007, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Tfn: 928 260 236

Fax: 928 277 892

Email: grancanaria@apinsa.com



C / Sevilla, 48 - Right premises. 35600, Puerto del Rosario. - The Gran Canarian palms

Tfn: 928 530 091

Fax: 928 530 094

Email: lanzarote@apinsa.com



C / Sevilla, 48 - Right premises. 35600, Puerto del Rosario. - The Gran Canarian palms

Tfn: 928 530 091

Fax: 928 530 094

Email: fuerteventura@apinsa.com

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